LEAPFROG – “Leadership for European Apparel Production From Research along Original Guidelines”

LEAPFROG – “Leadership for European Apparel Production From Research along Original Guidelines”

Period: June 2004 - April 2009 Type: European Research Status: Completed Website: www.leapfrog-eu.org


LEAPFROG’s main objective is to modernize and ultimately transform the clothing sector into a flexible knowledge-driven high-tech industry and to preserve its long-term prosperity and competitiveness in an enlarged Europe. In order to achieve such a long-term industrial transformation the LEAPFROG initiative will focus on 3 major objectives.

  • A radical reengineering and intelligent automation of the current garment manufacturing process will create the clothing factory of the future.
  • A radical move towards rapid customized manufacturing through flexibilisation and integration of cost-effective and sustainable processes from fabric processing to customer delivery.
  • A paradigm change in customer service and customer relationship management with a focus on value-adding product-services.

With these 3 sub-goals in mind, the targeted breakthrough transformation is centred on the development of a flexible automated manufacturing system for the cost-effective production of high-quality customized garments that fully address the customer requirements.

MIRALab’s contribution

MIRALab will be a key player for the virtual prototyping aspects of the project. Its main contribution will be the development of a 3D virtual try-on platform, including real-time body sizing and cloth simulation. Contributions will also be made in the sewing process analysis, fabric characterization and body animation.