HEVS – “Haute Ecole Valaisanne, Sierre”

HEVS – “Haute Ecole Valaisanne, Sierre”

Period: May 2003 - May 2003 Type: Other Research Status: Completed


For the occasion of the Inauguration of the bew building “Haute Ecole Valaisanne” in Sierre, Switzerland, Miralab was requested to participate with a Stereo 3D Presentation. First of all, the building was reconstructed from architectural drawings and photographs to enable a complete 3D virtual walk-through of building interior; such significant areas as the principal hall, the rooms of the exposition and the central stairs, could be visted easily. The most important moment of the inauguration was the handing-over of the magnetic card, or “the key”, and this was reproduced in this 3D scene with two cloned virtual actors, representing the two people in charge. The cloning was done using 2 photographs of each person and they were dressed in virtual clothing, each element was simulated internally, such as the walking and cloth animation. The animation shows the meeting of the 2 persons in the principal hall of the building. After the handing over of the key, they leave the building, symbolizing the hand over to science and research.

MIRALab’s contribution

This project was entirely developed by MIRALab.


MIRALab, University of Geneva