Fashion Dream – “Where Fashion dreams exist”

Fashion Dream – “Where Fashion dreams exist”

Period: September 1998 - September 1998 Type: Other Research Status: Completed


Cloth animation has been one of the major research topics at MIRALab since 1989. It has evolved from animating a skirt to any type of cloth on the synthetic actor to a very general behavior of cloth itself. The research has been conducted in different aspects such as improving the physically based model, generalizing to any discretization, finding better collision detection and response methods, etc.

MIRALab develops real time performance on stage mixing real mannequins with virtual mannequins. A world premiere has been shown in Montreux in September 1998 at the Auditorium Stravinski at the third Forum of Hotels and Tourism.

MIRALab’s contribution

This project was entirely developed by MIRALab


MIRALab, University of Geneva