Dreams of a model – “Catwalks around the world with Danielle Luquet de Saint-Germain”

Dreams of a model – “Catwalks around the world with Danielle Luquet de Saint-Germain”

Period: October 2003 - March 2004 Type: Other Research Status: Completed


For the occasion of the “Mode, Passion et Collection – Le regard d’une femme” Exhibition, taking place at the Museum of Art and History in Geneva from the 2nd of October 2003 till the 7th of March 2004, MIRALab – University of Geneva projected the world of Haute Couture into the world of the Virtual.

To realize this interactive part of the exhibition, some precise work was needed, made possible with MIRALab’s own in-house software. The virtual counterpart was made from three photographs and typical fashion walks from the 70’s to the 80’s, where recorded from her using a high-definition motion tracker from the real fashion model. The garments were created with “Fashionizer”; MIRALab’s garment creation tool. The patterns are first recreated from the real haute couture garments using precise measurements; the patterns are then “seamed” together virtually. On screen, the virtual garment appears automatically, with an impressive realistic effect, which is the result of the underlying mathematical and physical models, which enables the visualization of different fabric behaviors.

MIRALab’s contribution

MIRALab’s participation in the Exhibition has developed an interactive zone, where visitors can dress the virtual counterpart of former fashion model, Danielle Luquet de St-Germain, who is the owner of the exhibited garment collection. The visitor has the possibility to “travel” around the world with a choice of eight haute couture garments, which are part of the exhibition. With a few mouse clicks the visitor could see the virtual model in a fur in Zermatt, in an evening dress in Versailles or in a leather jacket in Morocco.


MIRALab, University of Geneva

Museum of Art and History of Geneva