Cyberdance – “Dancing with virtual humans”

Cyberdance – “Dancing with virtual humans”

Period: September 1997 - September 1997 Type: Other Research Status: Completed


CyberDance is a new kind of live performance making interact real professionnal dancers on stage and virtual ones in a computer generated world. This performance uses our latest development in virtual human representation (real-time deformation) together with latest equipment in virtual reality (for motion tracking).

Our first real performance was made for TelecomInteractive97, in Geneva. It was a 18 minutes live show with 8 professional dancers plus giants screens for computer generated images. The show was divided in 3 parts and represented the creation of the ‘second world’. In the first part, the virtual world re-created the planet earth in the universe and the choreographiy reflected the evolution of the different styles of music along the time. In the second part, virtual human were added in the virtual world and one real dancer was tracked to animate, in real-time, his virtual clone. Then, in the last part, the virtual dancers moved automatically, following the choreography.

MIRALab’s contribution

This project was entirely developed by MIRALab


MIRALab, University of Geneva