Our Team

Simon Senecal

Post-Doctoral researcher

Email: senecal@miralab.ch

    Evangelia Baka

    PHD Student

    Email: ebaka@miralab.ch

      Evropi Stefanidi

      Master thesis internship

      Email: evropi@miralab.ch

        Nedjma Cadi-Yazli

        Scientific collaborator

        Email: cadi@miralab.ch

          Marlène Arévalo-Poizat

          Scientific collaborator

          Email: arevalo@miralab.ch


            Former PhD students have become Professors in renowned institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology or the University of Zagreb, or are working in renowned companies like Alias-Wavefront (Toronto), Softimage (Montreal), PDI DreamWorks (California), Samsung (Korea), IBM (Switzerland) or BUF Compagnie (France).