PhD defence of Evangelia Baka

PhD defence of Evangelia Baka

Eva Baka, PhD student at MIRALab and at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Geneva,  has passed her oral PhD defense on June 9, 2022. She has obtained a PhD in Sciences, mention Interdisciplinary under the supervision of  Prof Nadia Magnenat Thalmann and Prof Jose Rolim.

The Jury was  composed of  Prof. Yiyu CAI, NTU, Singapore and Prof. George Papagiannakis, University of Crete, Greece

Summary of the thesis::

Our everyday life includes more than one social interaction, which are based mainly on human communication. The latter consists of human emotional and behavioural information, expressed by voice, facial expressions or body movements. However, a social interaction is not limited between humans and thus, Human-Computer and Human-Robot Interactions (HRI) are meeting their golden point of research. The multidisciplinary area of computer graphics, neuroscience, psychology, and artificial intelligence is trying to explore, decipher, decode and model the human emotional behaviours and expressions to enhance the field of social interactions between humans and technology. Toward this direction, the goal of this research is to go deeper into the features and the nature of Human – Human (H-H) and Human – Non-Human (H-NH) social interactions, providing a detailed validated assessment of how humans react towards technology but also how the latter affects humans.

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