InterMedia: Towards Truly User-Centric Convergence of Multimedia

Magnenat-Thalmann, N. and Nijdam, N. and Han, S. and and D. Protopsaltou

Abstract: In this paper, we present an interactive media with personal networked devices (InterMedia) which aims to progress towards truly user-centric convergence of multimedia system. Our vision is to make the user as a multimedia central to access multimedia anywhere and anytime exploiting diverse devices. To realize the user-centric convergence, we defined three key challenging issues: dynamic distributed networking, mobile and wearable interfaces, and multimedia adaptation and handling. Each field of interest investigates a transparent access to diverse networks for seamless multimedia session migration, a flexible wearable platform that supports dynamic composition of diverse wearable devices and sensors, as well as the adaptation of diverse multimedia contents based on the user’s personal and device contexts. To prove our goals, we prototyped our scenario, called Chloe@University, which included interactive 3D multimedia manipulation with seamless session mobility, modular wearable interfaces with DRM, contextual bookmark with mobile interfaces, and interactive surfaces and remote displays which aim to overcome the limited output capabilities of mobile devices.

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