Sizing Avatars from Skin Weights

Kasap, M. and Magnenat-Thalmann, N.

Abstract: In current computer games and simulation environments, individuality of virtual character bodies are mainly constructed using different textures and accessories. However, this type of modeling generates anthropometrically similar shapes due to the reliance on a single or few body models. Alternatively, using large variety of body size models require larger storage resources and design efforts. We present an efficient method for generating and storing variety of body size models derived from a skinned template. Our method doesn’t require additional design efforts and uses the existing skinning data that are already attached to the template model. Algorithm used for sizing the model is based on anthropometric body measurement standards that are used in ergonomic design application. Resulting new body size models use the same skinning information for animation by adapting the underlying skeleton according to the anthropometric parameters. Our developed system is useful in CAD applications from ergonomic design of cloths to parametrically resizing avatars.

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