Haptic Interaction with One-Dimensional Structures

Bonanni, U. and Kmoch, P. and Magnenat-Thalmann, N.

Abstract: One-dimensional structures are very important for simulating a variety of slender objects such as ropes, hair, wires, cables or tubes. Because of their practical relevance, an increasing number of dynamic simulation methods have been proposed during the last years. However, interaction techniques have not followed this evolution. Hence, we propose to combine the recent advances in the computation of physically plausible rod dynamics with dedicated force rendering methods. We present a novel approach for computing the haptic interaction with slender objects in a virtual environment. Our interaction framework allows for an enhanced control over the rod by taking into account user-induced torques in the dynamics equations. Interaction forces are computed according to the rod’s bending stiffness and frictional properties. Our force rendering method can thus be applied to a variety of simulation models based on the Cosserat Theory of Elastic Rods. The results of this paper are relevant for including haptic feedback within applications involving 1D-rods, such as virtual hair modeling systems for the digital effects industry, or assembly simulation environments in the automotive industry using flexible parts such as wire harnesses and hoses.

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