Suitability of standard fabric characterization experiments for the use in virtual simulations

Luible, C. and Magnenat-Thalmann, N.

Abstract: Today input parameters for the main mechanical fabric properties for virtual garment simulations can be obtained from objective fabric characterization methods. In this research the suitability of those characterization experiments for the derivation of precise fabric parameters for virtual computations is studied. Therefore, six different textiles, out of different fibre materials and structures have been measured with the two main standard measurement systems, FAST and KES-F. Both methods have been studied, compared and the main fabric input parameters for virtual simulations derived. Depending on the complexity of the computation system, the mechanical properties, which are mainly responsible for the fabric behaviour, are modelled either linear or non-linear. KES-F measurements provide complete strain-stress profiles and therefore allow the assessment of the nonlinearity of fabric parameters. The FAST method uses simpler procedures and permits only the linear interpretation of the measured data. Both systems provide satisfactory information for the evaluation of linear bending characteristics. Non-linear tensile and shear parameters can be derived from the KES-F stress-strain curves. Both measurement methods do not reflect what actually happens during the wear of clothes, where multiple high and low forces act on the garment.

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