Virtual Clothes, Hair and Skin for Beautiful Top Models

Magnenat-Thalmann, N. and Carion, S. and Courchesne, M. and Volino, P. and Wu, Y.

Abstract: Since l986, we have led extensive research on simulating realistic looking humans. We have created Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart that met in a Cafe in Montreal. At that time, they did not wear any dress as such. Humphrey’s body was made out of a plaster model that has the shape of a suit. Colors on Marilyn’s body looked like a dress. Hairs were simulated as a global shape and skin was a color. Since then, we have developed extensive research to simulate real virtual deformable clothes wearing by virtual humans. We also needed to have appropriate simulation of a skin and recently, we have developed new research on skin in order to decrease the plastic color of our synthetic actors. Also there was a need to simulate hair in an efficient way. New methods have been developed, both for design and animation purpose that are compatible with the clothes module. In this paper, we like to introduce our most recent research results on these topics. We are now able to simulate top models that start to look like real ones. Our latest work, that shows Marilyn receiving a golden camera Award in Berlin, Germany , demonstrates the results of our research. This sequence has been shown in a ZDF television program that was seen by more than l5 millions of viewers.

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