Learning How to Dance Using a Web 3D Platform

Magnenat-Thalmann, N. and Protopsaltou, D. and Kavakli, E.

Abstract: In this paper we present the European project Open Dance and in particular our contribution to the 3D simulation of folk dances and their presentation on the web. Our aim is to provide a learning framework for folk dances. First we describe the conceptual and learning model that we apply, focusing on the requirements of dance education. Then we digitize folk dances, originating from several regions of Europe, using as a recording device an optical motion capture system. We allow dance teachers and students to use our web3D plat-form and interact with the animated dancers, aiming to the better understanding of dances. Students interact with the platform and observe how the virtual dance teachers perform. The evaluation of the system shows that the increased usability of our approach enhances the learning process. Our long term objec-tive is to create an online dance learning community and allow dance teachers to create their own dance lessons online.

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