Cloning and Aging in a VR Family

Lee, W. and Wu, Y. and Magnenat-Thalmann, N.

Abstract: Face cloning and animation considering wrinkle formation and aging are an aspiring goal and a challenging task. This paper describes a cloning method and an aging simulation in a family. We reconstruct a father, mother, son and daughter of one family and mix their shapes and textures in 3D to get virtual persons with some variation. The idea of reconstruction of a head is to detect features from two orthogonal pictures, modify a generic model with an animation structure and use an automatic texture mapping method. It is followed by a simple method to do 3D-shape interpolation and 2D morphing based on triangulation for experiments of mixing 3D heads between family members. Finally, wrinkles within facial animation and aging are generated based on detected feature points. Experiments are made to generate aging wrinkles on the faces of the son and the daughter.

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