Generating Animatable 3D Virtual Humans from Photographs

Lee, W. and J.Gu and Magnenat-Thalmann, N.

Abstract: We present an easy, practical and efficient full body cloning methodology. This system utilizes photos taken from the front, side and back of a person in any given imaging environment without requiring a special background or a controlled illuminating condition. A seamless generic body specified in the VRML H-Anim 1.1 format is used to generate an individualized virtual human. The system is composed of two major components: face-cloning and body-cloning. The face-cloning component uses feature points on front and side images and then applies DFFD for shape modification. Next a fully automatic seamless texture mapping is generated for 360o coloring on a 3D polygonal model. The body-cloning component has two steps: (i) feature points specification, which enables automatic silhouette detection in an arbitrary background (ii) two-stage body modification by using feature points and body silhouette respectively. The final integrated human model has photo-realistic animatable face, hands, feet and body. The result can be visualized in any VRML compliant browser.

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