Converting 3D Facial Animation with Gouraud Shaded SVG

Giacomo, T. Di and Gaudry, M. and Magnenat-Thalmann, N.

Abstract: The demand for leisure and entertainment, the interest for 3D games and graphics, are continuously increasing. Though many devices support 3D graphics, every mobile terminal can not embed the required hardware to display complex 3D scenes and environments. On the other hand, many mobile devices are designed to support natively vector graphics, and especially SVG, and hence they offer direct optimizations for the play back of such contents. Consequently, we propose to convert generic 3D talking heads, with animations and deformations, to visually similar SVG animations. Our motivations are to allow the rendering and the visualization of dynamic and complex 3D facial animations with SVG 1.1, and to provide innovative SVG authoring. Basically, the method consists in a real-time extraction of the relevant 2D data from the 3D facial VRML models and animations, and in the generation of the corresponding SVG files. This paper presents our approach and implementation for accurate conversions and efficient rendering, including Gouraud shading, of complex 3D animated scenes with SVG. Using such methods could extend the availability of 3D graphics and their combination with other media, as well as the usability and the authoring methods and strategies of SVG contents.

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