Interactive Virtual Hair-Dressing Room

Magnenat-Thalmann, N. and Montagnol, M. and Gupta, R. and Volino, P.

Abstract: Hair designing is one of crucial components of the hair simulation tasks. The efficiency of hair modeling is very much determined by the interactivity and the ease-to-use the designing tools within an application. This paper presents a unified framework that uses the various key techniques developed for specific tasks in hair simulation and to realize the ultimate goal of virtual hair-dressing room that is simple to use but quite effective for generating fast hairstyles. Successful attempts have been made to handle the different challenging issues involved in simulation of hair at interactive rates. Effort has been put in developing methodologies for hair shape modeling, hair dynamics and hair rendering. A user friendly interface controlled by a haptic device facilitates designer’s interactivity with the hairstyles. Furthermore, designer’s visualization is enhanced by using real time animation and interactive rendering. Animation is done using a modified Free Form Deformation (FFD) technique that has been effectively adapted to various hairstyles. Hair Rendering is performed using an efficient scattering based technique, displaying hair with its various optical effects.

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