Visualization of woven cloth

Adabala, N. and Magnenat-Thalmann, N. and Fei, G.

Abstract: A technique for visualizing clothes is proposed that can handle rendering of complex weave patterns. An industrial standard of weave representation is used to derive the weave pattern and a detailed model of light interaction with the pattern is developed. The proposed visualization technique supports viewing of cloth at various levels of detail, and provides a solution for rendering both back and front surfaces of cloth. The technique works for a wide variation in colors of threads, ranging from a single color for both warps and wefts to several colors of threads, woven into a single fabric. The inhomogeneous nature of transparency of woven materials is also captured. To date no technique for visualizing woven clothes has addressed the problem of visualizing complex weave patterns and therefore the above mentioned features are difficult and often impossible to capture with existing techniques. The capabilities of the proposed approach are demonstrated with rendered examples.

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