An Automatic Modeling of Human Bodies from Sizing Parameters

Seo, H. and Magnenat-Thalmann, N.

Abstract: In this paper, we present an automatic, runtime modeler for modeling realistic, animatable human bodies. A user can generate a new model or modify an existing one simply by inputting a number of sizing parameters. We approach the problem by forming deformation functions that are devoted to the generation of appropriate shape and proportion of the body geometry by taking the parameters as input. Starting from a number of 3D scanned data of human body models as examples, we derive these functions by using radial basis interpolation. A prerequisite of such formulation is to have correspondence among example models in the database. We obtain the correspondence by fitting a template onto each scanned data. Throughout the paper, body geometry is considered to have two distinct entities, namely rigid and elastic component of the deformation. The rigid deformation is represented by the corresponding joint parameters, which will determine the linear approximation of the physique. The elastic deformation is essentially vertex displacements, which, when added to the rigid deformation, depicts the detail shape of the body. Having these interpolators formulated, the runtime modeling can be reduced to the function evaluation and application of the evaluated results to the template model. We demonstrate our method by applying different parameters to generate a wide range of different body models.

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