Virtual Humans in CyberDance

Carion, S. and Sannier, G. and Magnenat-Thalman, N.

Abstract: This paper presents an account of a Cyberdance performance involving both real and virtual dancers. Preparing for this performance required the integration of a number of virtual human modules into a single system framework capable of handling all aspects of the show. We describe the modules that deal with creation, modeling and texturing the virtual humans, as well as those that manage the animation of bodies within real-time applications and control several bodies simultaneously, as choreographed. Real-time hand deformation and facial animation modules increase the realism of the virtual dancers. Two techniques are described for improving the quality of the rendering in the virtual component of the scenario. We describe the VR devices for merging the interactive dancers into the virtual environment. In conclusion, we report on experiences during the actual presentation of the show and suggest topics for future research into improvements of various parts of our system.

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