Interactive Modelling of MPEG-4 Deformable Human Body Models

Seo, H. and Cordier, F. and Philippon, L. and Magnenat-Thalmann, N.

Abstract: Acquisition of various human body models is useful in many cases. In this paper, we present some of our recent work on body creation tools. Our goal is to enable rapid creation of various body models that are immediately usable for animation. In doing so, we aim to carry out realistic deformations on the human body models as well as make its usage simple. Our system is composed of several modules: (1) Skin attachment to an H-Anim skeleton is carried out first in order to get deformation in skeletal shape modification as well as in animation. (2) Volumetric deformation module deals with the volumetric scale of body parts such as breast, belly and bottoms. These deformation operators, together with the skeletal deformation allow the automatic adaptation of the body model to different sizes and proportions to accommodate anthropometrical variations. (3) Surface optimization is used to simplify the model in consideration of not only geometric features but also the animation aspect of it. (4) Finally, the BDP generation module describes the geometry of the model as well as how to animate it according to the MPEG-4 BDP specifications.

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