Physically-based Wrinkle Simulation & Skin Rendering

Wu, Y. and Kalra, P. and Magnenat-Thalmann, N.

Abstract: Wrinkle simulation with skin modeling and deformation are extremely important in enhancing the realism of human figure models. In this paper we present a model which simulates the skin deformation based on a biomechanic model and generates dynamic wrinkles rendered with texture image. The biomechanical model considers the skin as a membrane undergoing large deformations and puts the local coordinate system of each triangle element to its principal strain directions. Synthetic micro and macro structure patterns combined with real photos are employed as texture images to mimic the skin surface details. Furthermore, the potential wrinkle lines are defined , the dynamics of expressive wrinkles and aging wrinkles - their depth and fold- is modeled based on the principal strain of the deformed skin surface and duration of deformation. Multi-layered color and bump texture mapping is used for skin rendering.

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